Monday, October 24, 2022

                                          Blog #128 Chiropractic Supports Your Health

                 Blog #128 Chiropractic Supports Your health


Since October is Chiropractic Month, I thought it would be appropriate to address chiropractic adjusting. Chiropractic adjusting can benefit you in many ways.  When gentle, or combined with at least a little massage, chiropractic adjustments help improve blood circulation locally and elsewhere in the body.  When spinal vertebrae and other joint articulations are mobilized appropriately, the resulting improved blood circulation brings more red blood cells to better oxygenate the area and more white blood cells to attend to the body’s defense.  With proper adjusting and improved circulation, muscles and also internal organs function more comfortably and effectively.  Since lymphatic circulation is also improved by chiropractic adjusting, local debris, such as the waste products of cellular metabolism, is more efficiently carried away from the area and brought to organs such as the spleen, kidneys, lungs and large intestine for elimination from the body.  Additionally, chiropractic adjustments help the nervous system function optimally.  When vertebrae or other joint articulations are subluxated (misaligned) due to injury, poor posture, muscle spasm, or other causes, the local nerves can sometimes be impinged upon and irritated. This impingement and/or irritation can compromise nerve function and result in muscle discomfort or weakness and even sometimes in diminished organ function.  Cranial adjustments, that is, adjustments of the skull, can improve sinus function, reduce headache severity and frequency, and greatly alleviate TMJ (jaw) problems.  And there’s more:  gentle chiropractic adjusting helps your body and mind relax.  All of the above benefits add up to a healthier immune system, with less colds and other ailments, especially if chiropractic treatment is received regularly.  And, of course, since chiropractic adjusting alleviates pain and accelerates the healing of injuries, it helps people function better and enjoy life more.


I first learned about chiropractic when I was in my mid-teens, after my mother injured her low back during a Grand Canyon mule tour.  The resulting pain forced her to resign from her secretarial job.  Neither orthopedic physicians nor physical therapists could help her.  After almost a year of suffering, a woman from her previous job told her about a man who had fixed her painful neck, which had been in spasm and turned toward one shoulder, in only a few visits. This woman had consulted M.D.’s and physical therapists to no avail for several months.  Dr. Klingenna, the chiropractor, worked out of the basement of his home.  The first time he saw my mother, he did a little massage on her back and tractioned her low back by pulling on her ankles.  The second visit, he repeated this procedure, but for a longer time, and added ultrasound therapy.  At the third appointment, he once again had my mother lay on his table and this time he followed the above procedures with chiropractic spinal adjustments.  After that treatment, she remained pain free for over two years.  Since her job had hired temporary employees to fill her spot, she was able to reclaim her position.  From then on, every two to three years my mother developed low back pain and returned to Dr. Klingenna for several treatments.  After I graduated from chiropractic school, I adjusted my mother at those times.

This month’s offer:  call me to set up an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment to reduce discomfort and improve your health.  Seasonal transitions, that is, the times around the equinoxes and solstices, are excellent opportunities for treatment.




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