Tuesday, November 29, 2022

             Blog #129 Yoga Music Thai Bodywork Reiki and Karen Lum


During Thanksgiving time, I want to  share with you a gifted woman, who has helped people, including myself, enjoy healing, support, and light-heartedness during this pandemic time.  She is my neighbor, fortunately for me, and stepping inside her home or treatment space you will find lush plants, glowing crystals and other stones, Tibetan singing bowls, soft music, fragrant incense and more.  I wholeheartedly recommend you contact her for an inspiring, relaxing healing session.  Below are two websites where you can learn more about Karen and contact her:






Additionally, Karen teaches Yoga classes, both in person and via Zoom.  I can vouch for her healthy and positive lifestyle as well as her positive spirit and attitude.  Consider taking classes or purchasing a healing session with her for yourself or someone else.  Karen also practices Tai Chi, including various forms, such as Tai Chi Sword techniques.  


Over a year ago, I wrote about Karen in one of my blogs – Blog #115, entitled Music Heals.  I am also including that blog below.


                                       Blog #115 Music Heals


In addition to regular exercise, nutritious food, sufficient sleep, a calm mind, a happy or content attitude, musculoskeletal stability, medicinal herbs, pure water, clean air, positive relationships, meaning and purpose in life, and closeness to the natural world, there are many other elements that can support and improve health.  


Those of you who are musicians or simply music lovers have likely have felt your spine tingle at times while you listened to music that particularly moved you.  On these occasions, the body attunes to powerful musical vibrations and channels that energy up the spine.  That energy can also travel to other areas of the body.  Various keys of music correspond to and stimulate or calm specific endocrine glands.  The note G, or music played in the key of G, for example, resonates with the thyroid gland. If you click on the lines below, you can hear Mozart’s “A Little Night Music, composed in G major.  Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Concertgebouw Kamerorkest - Live C

Another excellent example of music in various keys resonating with specific areas and endocrine glands in the body is an eight part composition by Kay Gardiner, “A Rainbow Path”.  She coordinates color along with key in this unique composition. 


Some people use sound and music as a principle of healing for themselves and others.  Some examples are gong journeys and baths, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and singing and toning.  A person’s intent can send sound energy into or out of the body, as well as direct it to or from areas of weakness or excess.  Sometimes, sound can affect a person’s energy in an undesirable way.  That occurred recently, when I was apparently placed in a state of imbalance by someone who heals with gongs and other instruments.  The morning after that gong session, my blood pressure plummeted, I became extremely fatigued and my appetite was completely gone.  About a week later, still fatigued, my left leg became weak and could barely support me.  I walked with pain and difficulty, had to push up with my hands to stand from a chair or bed, and considered relying on a cane until I could address the problem successfully.  Neither acupuncture nor massage helped.  


Fortunately, I have a neighbor who heals with sound.  I had a session with her, thinking that sound healing might be especially appropriate, given the circumstances under which I was injured.  The first hour with my neighbor was pleasant and I did not notice much difference.  The second session, about a week later, was very different.  Toward the end of the hour, she directed sound from one of her singing bowls down my left leg.  I felt strong tingling energy move from my knee to my foot.  My leg felt stronger when I stood up, and by the end of the day, the pain and instability were gone.  Now, about two months later, my left knee and leg feel better than they have in at least a year, and probably much longer.  I can once again stand up from a chair without pushing with my hands, can climb and descend stairs without using a railing, and can walk quickly without discomfort.  My left knee and leg are not perfect, since I suffered a serious injury many years ago, which eventually necessitated surgery.  However, the results from my neighbor’s music healing session have been so strong that I want to share that experience, as well as provide information about her.  She also does Thai bodywork, Reiki healing and teaches yoga.  


This month’s offer:  contact me if you want further information about my neighbor and how to reach her if you might want a session.  Also, if you ask, I am willing to share with you more information about how and why the session with the first healer likely harmed me.  Happy Holidays to you.







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