Tuesday, April 25, 2017

         Blog# 62 – What Detoxification Can Do For You

Every spring in the U.S, thousands of health-conscious people set aside anywhere from three to thirty days for detoxification. Since many, if not most, allergies and illnesses are rooted in toxicity, malnutrition, or both, a good detox will also include excellent nutrition.

Toxicity can stem from foods full of pesticides, GMO produce, food to which one is allergic, spoiled food, environmental poisons, such as air or water pollution, commercial household cleansers, most cosmetics, deodorants and shampoos, over the counter and prescription medications, from out gassing of plastic and particleboard, increased life stressors, and from decreased ability to handle stress, to name a few of the many sources. 

Malnutrition can stem from poverty or food deserts, but more commonly is due to degradation of the soil by conventional farming methods that rob our earth of many nutrients and then replace them with chemical fertilizers containing just a few nutrients.  Malnutrition can also be due to the heavily processed foods in the SAD (standard American diet).  Malnourishment can result from the overuse of just a few foods in the diet, such as corn, soy, sugar, wheat or peanuts, can be due to GMO agriculture, and also can stem from the fast food industry and lifestyle of so many people in this country.  There is not enough space or time to name all the causes.

A detoxification plan can be limited, affecting only one or a few organ systems, i.e. skin or lungs, can involve all organ systems, and can even help cleanse the emotions.  Benefits from effective detoxification include clearer skin, higher and more stable energy levels, better quality sleep, improved bowel and bladder function, improved mental clarity, reduction or elimination of sinus congestion, migraine and other headaches, and mood swings.  Weight loss or stabilization, improved sense of smell, taste, hearing, and/or vision, need for less sleep, release of depression or anxiety, remission of autoimmune disease, reduced or eliminated joint pain, are some of the many other benefits of a good detox.

Today, this blog will gift you with a short, simple four-day detoxification plan that, if done correctly, will benefit almost everyone.  This program is comprised of 100 per cent organically raised foods, lots of purified water, fresh fruit and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, some seeds, nuts, and beans, whole oats, millet, quinoa, if desired, fresh flax seed oil, young coconuts and coconut water, some herbal teas, if desired (specifically peppermint, lemon grass, green and white tea), probiotic foods, such as raw organic sauerkraut and kimchi, miso, and small amounts of seaweed and algae, especially chlorella.  This detox requires a good blender.  Avoid all animal products for the first three days, as well as soybeans and soy products, except small amounts of fermented miso, if desired.  Also avoid peanuts, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, all processed sugar, all flour, and all other processed foods, such as cereals, breads, candy, and any foods containing gluten. Drink as much water as you want, drink one smoothie a day, using water as a base, and containing at least three cups of leafy greens, including a cup of cilantro.  Add up to one cup of blueberries to the smoothie, along with dried or fresh ginger, if desired.  Most of the other foods consumed should be lightly cooked – i.e. root or cruciferous vegetables baked in a casserole dish at 200 degrees for two to three hours. You can consume as many leafy green vegetables as you want, preferably lightly cooked, maybe in soups or stews. On day four, add organic eggs and dairy, if you can tolerate these foods.  Then, return to your normal diet, hopefully somewhat improved, perhaps by incorporating more grass-fed and organic foods. 

This month’s offer:  feel free to call with any questions about this detox.  For a small fee, I will also design a detoxification program specifically for you. 

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

      Blog #61:  Thyroid Imbalance: Holistic Medicine Can Help

Do you know what is the most frequently prescribed medication in the U.S. today?  Synthroid, also known as levothyroxine, which treats hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) has been the most prescribed medication for several years.  Sometimes Armour Thyroid hormone is used instead of Synthroid.  Both medications supply some missing or insufficient thyroid hormones. 

Most cases of hypothyroid are actually Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition, when the body’s immune system attacks the thyroid gland.  In addition to hypothyroid, another condition, hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid), also plagues the U.S. population.  Standard prescription treatments for hyperthyroid include the medications Tapazole (methimazole), propylthiouracil, and the use of radioactive iodine.  These treatments suppress thyroid function, either temporarily, or in the case of radioactive iodine, permanently.  Grave’s Disease, another autoimmune condition involving the eyes, frequently accompanies hyperthyroid.  And goiter, a sign of thyroid distress, can arise due to Hashimoto’s, Graves Disease, or simply because of inadequate amounts of iodine, a mineral necessary for thyroid function.  Treatment of goiter can be as simple as supplying more iodine in the diet or as complex as prescribing medications for hyper or hypothyroid.  These medical treatments do not get to the root of the problem; instead, they cover up the imbalance by either supplementation or suppression.

Some people respond well to the above medications or therapies, especially in the case of iodine supplements for goiter, but others experience side effects ranging from decreased bone density, increased fractures, sleep disturbances and musculoskeletal pain to palpitations, mood swings and more.  Some studies have found a correlation between the use of or exposure to radioactive iodine and later development of leukemia or thyroid cancer. 

For some using conventional medication, symptoms of thyroid imbalance continue.  They feel depressed, fatigued, struggle with cardiac palpitations, gain or lose weight, or suffer from digestive issues or hair loss despite medications.  For these people, who do not respond as hoped to medical treatment, the use of lifestyle changes and holistic therapies can mean the difference between years of suffering and a good quality of life. 

Chiropractic adjusting, especially of the neck and upper back, can help stabilize thyroid function.  Acupuncture treatment can also help balance thyroid function, as well as help balance the whole body as it works to adapt to thyroid problems.  The thyroid gland is very sensitive to stress, toxins, and inflammatory changes in the body.  Sometimes nutritional changes are essential to stabilize thyroid function, particularly in cases where an autoimmune component is present.  To start with, consider eliminating gluten, sugar, and dairy from the diet, and consume organically grown, pesticide-free, and grass-fed foods.  It may be necessary to distill or otherwise purify drinking and cooking water in order to eliminate chlorine and fluoride, both of which compete with iodine for attachment sites on the thyroid gland.  Eliminating environmental toxins, such as outgassing plastic products, toxic cleaning supplies, and hair dyes and cosmetics may also be necessary.  Stress management, through approaches such as regular gentle exercise, self-hypnosis, and meditation may help improve thyroid function.  For optimal health, it is important to get sufficient sleep, avoid toxic relationships, and find meaning in life. 

Better self care equals better thyroid function.  This blog does not suggest stopping medication and replacing it with holistic therapies.  Often, both must be used together, and then sometimes the thyroid eventually finds its balance and prescription drugs no longer are necessary.  For further reading material and guidance, I recommend Dr. Isabella Wentz’s two books: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis the Root Cause,  and also Hashimoto’s Protocol.

This blog’s offer:  check out my webpage: www.ewagnerholistichealth.org or an alternate blog: www.ewagnerholistichealth.us   You may have to cut and paste the website or blog addresses to your browser in order to find them.  Currently my regular blog site is not running and eventually I may just keep the webpage.  And as always, if you have questions about the information in this blog, feel free to contact me with questions.