Chiropractic adjusting involves mobilizing or re-positioning spinal vertebrae, the bones of the torso, extremities, and the cranial bones in optimally beneficial ways, depending on a patient’s health status, activity level, posture, injuries, and more.  Chiropractic adjusting can also encompass massage and other types of soft tissue work, such as trigger point therapy and joint mobilization.  Almost everyone can benefit from chiropractic adjustments, which are often most effective when done gently.  Chiropractic therapy allows for better neurological function, blood circulation, lymph drainage, muscle balance, organ function, and general mental and physical relaxation.  When the body and mind are in balance, this will often enable a person to recover naturally and to stay healthy and energetic.  In the state of Illinois, chiropractic physicians (D.C.’s) are considered primary health care providers, along with allopathic physicians (M.D.’s,) and osteopaths (D.O.’s).  Chiropractors do not prescribe medication or perform surgery.  Instead, they work by adjusting the body, prescribing exercise, nutrition, and administering acupuncture and other modalities which help people recover their health without the use of sometimes hazardous medications or surgical procedures.  For this reason, it is often wise to see a chiropractor first about your condition.  Chiropractic physicians first must fulfill pre-med requirements, and then receive considerable diagnostic training during their four years of chiropractic medical schooling.  They will refer you out to the proper M.D. or D.O if necessary.  Since 1980, Dr. Wagner has been fortunate to have helped many people recover from injuries due to accidents, pain due to poor posture and stress, discomfort during pregnancy and after difficult childbirth.  She has also helped athletes heal from injuries and resume playing in the sport of their choice.