Sunday, October 31, 2021


                          Blog# 116 Same Remedies Help Many Problems


Often, just supporting good health across the board can help alleviate more than one complaint.  For example, many people suffer from insomnia.  Large segments of the population tend to “catch” viral and bacterial infections easily.  And most people suffer from back pain at least occasionally.  All three can be favorably influenced by wisely using one or more holistic health approaches.


Chiropractic adjusting and other approaches to correcting the body structurally helps relieve pain, improve balance, reduce stress levels, and helps optimize the function of body systems, including circulatory (blood and lymph) , neurological, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, eliminative, and more.  Think of how you feel when you are in pain or structurally off center: breathing is more difficult, athletic performance and even just walking is compromised, awareness of surroundings may be impacted, making accidents and injuries more likely.  Pain also interferes with sleep, and inadequate sleep can diminish mental sharpness, immune function, blood sugar levels, and more.  I can’t begin to count the number of patients who experienced improved sleep, healthier immune function, and a low pain or even pain-free life due to Chiropractic adjusting.  


Optimal nutrition, including diet, herbs, and other nutritional supplements, supports biochemical integrity.  Defective and dying cells are more easily eliminated with a beneficial diet and supplements, and new cells tend to be strong and sound.  In the short run, you may not notice how eating fast, processed foods affects you.  Eventually, you almost always pay the price of poor nutrition.  A wholesome diet can reduce excess inflammation and this in turn can help joints and muscles feel comfortable.  Paraspinal muscles, among the smallest in the body, quickly become uncomfortable and tense when we are inflamed and toxic.   Following is an Illustration of how an organic diet can impact health.  One of my friends moved to New England, an area of the U. S. where Lyme disease is commonly found.  After several years of serious illness, she and her doctors finally got the disease under control and she returned to part-time work.  However, a persistent rash plagued her; nothing helped. She had always thought it was kind of funny that I made it a point to include as much organically grown foods in my diet as possible, but now she determined to give it a try.  After three weeks of 100% organic foods, the rash cleared up.  Several years afterward, she continues to eat organically, and neither skin rash nor Lyme disease have returned.  


Subtle and complex fields of healing, such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chi Gong therapy and Yoga are all grounded in precise, scientific observations and also call forth artistic, intuitive perceptions of practitioners.  Often, these fields of medicine reach levels of imbalance and injury that cannot be addressed just by structural correction and nutritional support.  Fortunately, now that Western medicine has finally had a breakthrough and discovered that there is such a thing as “Chi” and the specific meridians in which it runs, the ancient healing system of Acupuncture and its associated branches, such as Moxabustion and Cupping are increasingly accepted as legitimate forms of therapy.  Acupuncture therapy can help clear up scar tissue, relax muscles and tendons, and improve circulation to all areas of the body.  Improved blood and lymph circulation can help organs function better, support immune function and enhance sleep.  Acupuncture can also very effectively alleviate pain, including spinal pain, and is used as an anesthetic by doctors both in China and other countries, including the U. S.  There are many other ways that all the subtle therapies above can be helpful, including reducing mild to moderate anxiety and depression.  Psychotherapy may also be needed to completely address mood issues, as may nutritional support and structural correction and balancing.  


Combining all three approaches to health will be especially effective in alleviating pain, improving sleep, and enhancing immune function.  Consider coming in for a treatment, improving your nutrition, or learning some Chi Gong or Yoga.  You may want to learn about Homeopathy and consult a practitioner.  Whatever you choose to do, I wish you good health.


This blog’s offer:  I wish you a healthy and enjoyable Halloween season and will share with you a thought-provoking link about the possible origin of witches’ appearance.  I took this from a masterful and usually funny YouTube creator, Georgette Spelvin.  This particular link is not funny or fun, but it expanded my mind.  You may need to cut and paste to your browser.


On Becoming a Witch - YouTube