Flower Essences

Flower essences are subtle yet powerful remedies extracted or distilled from flowers.  They are usually taken orally, over a period of time.  They act in a similar way to homeopathy, but are gentler and usually work the subconscious and the emotions to affect the physical body, mind, and spirit.  There are many sets of flower essences, including Bach (from England), FES (from California), and Perelandra (from Virginia).  Flower essences are extremely dilute, and are either extracted with water or steam distilled.  Dr. Wagner has been privileged to help many people with these amazing remedies.   She has six different sets, containing in total over a thousand different essences.  She has seen people with severe headaches which did not respond to any kind of medication or other treatment respond quickly to flower essences.  She has also seen cases of mild to moderate depression resolve when patients have used the appropriate remedy.  Also important in the resolution of many problems are such factors as improved nutrition, chiropractic adjusting, acupuncture, vitamin or herbal supplementation, regular exercise, and more.  Flower essences are not appropriate for everyone; sometimes the most important thing for a person to do to overcome their health problems may be to overcome alcoholism, lose weight, or leave an abusive relationship.   When essences are appropriate, the results can be amazing.  Flower essence selection, which Dr. Wagner usually does via muscle testing, can also act as a kind of intuitive guidance or suggestion for change.