Sunday, October 29, 2017

       Blog#68: Strength, Balance and Breathing: Antidotes to Fear

For this Halloween, I have chosen to address the emotion of fear.  We can conquer or at least ameliorate this constricting emotion in a variety of ways.  Many people may not consider physical strength (especially strong legs) or good balance as means to help overcome fear; however, when you think about it, it makes sense.  With a strong body and good balance, we can run toward or away from something; we can climb, kick, jump, fight, and stand or walk for a long time.  We also have more capacity for of physical work.  With good balance, the body is lined up optimally, allowing each muscle to function at its best, minimizing stress on the bones and joints, and allowing the diaphragm to facilitate deep breathing and full oxygenation of the body.   This deep breathing allows heart, brain, and nervous system to function at their best, and helps us remain calm and think clearly.  This type of breathing also helps us detoxify our bodies efficiently and provides a massage for the internal organs, allowing them to function better.  Below is a link that explains and demonstrates abdominal breathing.

Regarding physical strength, I would recommend some regular physical exercise, something that you enjoy and will do daily, or at least several times per week.  Some excellent ways to improve your strength and balance are weight lifting and/or band work combined with aerobic exercise, Yoga, and even certain types of Tai Chi. If you do not have free weights or bands at home, or if you want to have some supervision regarding exercises of your choice, consider taking some Yoga or Tai Chi classes, or working with a personal trainer.  If you think this last option is too expensive, then you may not have heard of Planet Fitness, an unassuming, nation-wide health club where you can work with free weights or many types of exercise machines.  They also provide unlimited classes with a personal trainer as part of each membership.  These classes last 30 minutes and address different areas of the body, such as legs, arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, and chest.  There usually are no more than five people in a class, so you get plenty of individual attention. Membership prices start at $10.00 per month.

Lastly, good posture facilitates abdominal breathing and allows our muscles a fuller range of motion, which in turn helps us to increase our physical strength.  Some physical trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, yoga instructors, and massage therapists specialize in helping patients and clients improve their posture. 

So take a step toward increasing confidence and courage and overcoming fear, and start improving strength, balance, breathing and posture today, in the season of Halloween, and before winter sets in. 

This blog’s offer:  contact me for a free consultation regarding improved posture, balance, strength, and breathing.  This is a specialty in my practice, and I develop programs for each individual.  I also have a posture grid, which can demonstrate your yearly improvement.