Appropriate exercise is essential for optimal recovery from injuries, as well as for enhanced performance in sports and in everyday life.  Therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises may address proper posture and breathing patterns, help stretch tight muscles, break up adhesions, strengthen muscles, improve joint function, take pressure off impinged or inflamed nerves, and help re-train the brain to reduce or eliminate pain or spasm.  Exercise is particularly important today, when so many people sit for long hours at their jobs, at home, or both.  Yoga, resistance training, utilization of bands and weights, chi gong (Chinese exercises) training to enhance balance, and more are taught in Dr. Wagner’s office.   She chooses exercises that are appropriate to a person’s life situation, suggesting seated exercises for those confined to a chair for long hours at work, increasingly challenging exercises for athletes healing from injuries, gentle stretching and strengthening exercises for seniors, breathing exercises to help improve respiratory function, and much more.  She personally pays close to each person, to make sure they are learning and performing the exercises safely, accurately, and in the way most beneficial for them.