Tuesday, February 23, 2016

                        Blog#48:  Using Acupuncture Energy to Help Yourself

There is no exact Western equivalent for the energy that acupuncture uses.  “Qi” is also sometimes spelled “Chi”.  Ayurvedic medicine calls it “Prana”.  You could call it electromagnetic energy and come close to what it is.  Acupuncture from a skilled practitioner also uses the energy of a strongly focused mind.  By using the technique I am going to describe here, you can develop the ability of feel “Qi” between your palms and can also apply this “Qi” to various parts of your body and possibly even to some people, animals and plants.

When you are first learning to feel Qi, make sure that you are in quiet place, away from distractions.  Do this exercise either standing or seated, with your spine straight and your feet flat on the ground.  With your mind empty, rub both your palms together vigorously, for at least 30 seconds.  Stop, and then pay attention to sensations in your palms.  You may sense warmth, tingling, pulsing, or a cool sensation.  Be sure to focus your mind only on your palms.  Without touching your body or face, pass each palm over an area of your body and feel for a sensation as each palm moves above your skin.  You may find that the feelings are different from each hand.  Do this once with your tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth and once with your tongue away from the roof of your mouth.  Can you notice any difference? 

If you can feel any sensations from your palms, take the next step and, if there is an area of your body that is uncomfortable, slowly pass your palm or palms over this area.  You may choose to rub your palms together again before you take this next step.  Focus only on your palm.  Is there a tickling or tingling sensation in the uncomfortable area?  Hold your palm motionless over this area for several seconds.  Does the sensation change?  Has the discomfort level changed?  Your mind must be calm and focused as you proceed.  If you are able to notice a decrease in discomfort, continue on with this a few more times, then stop.  Notice if the feeling of comfort remains, and if so, for how long?  It may remain for days, weeks, months, or even permanently, depending on the cause of discomfort, and how strongly you were able to direct Qi through your palms. 

Of course, this procedure should not substitute for an examination and possible treatment by a qualified health care professional, if needed.  For example, even though you may be able to reduce or eliminate the pain of a toothache temporarily, that does not take the place of a visit to the dentist. 

If you choose to use this technique with others, it is vital to only work with people who are reasonably healthy and with whom you share a close bond, preferably a familial one.  An ideal situation would be working with your child or your spouse or partner.  You can also work with your pets and plants, but make sure they are reasonably healthy.

This blog’s offer:  feel free to contact me with questions.  I will meet with you for up to 20 minutes free of charge to make sure you are proceeding in a way that is optimally effective and safe for yourself and others.