Sunday, June 30, 2019

                        Blog #88 Eight Ways to Help You Feel More Energized

1.  Only eat when you are hungry and stop eating before you feel completely full.  This might mean that you eat significantly less than you have been.  As long as you don’t have a serious health issue that’s fine.

2.  Sleep regular hours, as closely as you can to when it gets dark and when the sun starts to rise.  This may not be possible most of the time, but get as close to this as you can.  It may be absolutely impossible for some people, due to work schedules.

3.  Stay well hydrated.  Water or raw organic vegetable juice are the best beverages, though you may want to filter your water if it comes from the tap.  Aim for six to eight glasses of water or organic vegetable juice per day, but don’t make yourself uncomfortable in the process. 

4.  Adhere to a diet that is high in plant based foods.  For many people, vegan or vegan/pescatarian is best.  Others do better with more animal protein.  Avoid processed foods, and avoid consuming too many sweet-tasting foods, except fresh fruit. Processed foods often come in boxes or other packages, and may be canned or frozen.  If you can not obtain any fresh foods, frozen is usually preferable to canned. 

5.  Exercise daily.  Walking, tai chi, yoga, yard work, house work, some weight lifting and Pilates are all exercises that would be beneficial.  Also, jumping on a trampoline can be helpful for the lymphatic and circulatory systems.  Trampoline should not be used by those who have serious spinal or other musculoskeletal problems. 

6.   Receive some holistic treatment on a regular basis (monthly, weekly, quarterly, it’s up to you, and also based on your health requirements.  Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Feldenkrais all qualify as appropriate therapies.  Feldenkrais is both a therapy and an exercise.  June and July are the two months when acupuncture treatment is especially tonifying.

7.  Before falling asleep and/or right after awakening, give thanks for at least ten things in your life.  For example, having a roof over your head, being able to see, hear and walk, having the opportunity to be in contact with the natural world – lakes, woodlands, deserts, etc., being able to read and write, having enjoyable human and (non-human) animal connections, having the opportunity to explore some interests and gifts, such as photography and music, having enough food for sustenance, having a job or other source of income, having a sense of humor, receiving this wonderful blog – I think that is ten things.  You get the idea.  Make this a habit and it will help you sleep better, improve your relationships, open you to discovering and attracting more things for which to be thankful, and generally enrich your life.  All this, in turn will help reduce stress and improve energy level.

8.  Take regular breaks from technology.  For 24 hours, once a week, or more or less frequently, as you are able, avoid computers, cell phones, television, radio, and other forms of technology.  Walk or bike rather than driving or using public transportation.  Disconnect your computer modem or construct or buy a Faraday Cage to help protect you from signals emitted by our modern technology. 

This blog’s offer:  Contact me with any questions about these eight suggestions.  I can give you reasons and ideas for implementing these suggestions.  I wish you success.