Thursday, February 29, 2024

                                    Blog #144 Peace in the Midst of Storms

(written during the tornado watch in the Chicago area on February 27, 2024)


In this blog, I will share with you information about several wise teachers who refer to and exemplify Peace, especially Inner Peace, as one aspect of a healthy, fulfilled life and world.  Peace Pilgrim, a woman who walked penniless in the U.S. from coast to coast multiple times for 28 years, accepting food and shelter when offered, all in the name of Peace, stated that all types of Peace are important: that between nations, neighbors, that within families and especially Peace within each individual.  All types have the potential to help increase likelihood of greater Peace in the world.  You can easily find her on the internet.  Just search for Peace Pilgrim.  You can read the beautiful book, Peace Pilgrim her life and work in her own words, on the Peace Pilgrim website free of charge, or purchase it.  Peace Pilgrim was the first woman to walk the entire Appalachian Trail in one season, just before she embarked as a wanderer and walker for Peace.  


David Coon, a Qigong Teacher and Healer living in North Carolina, teaches entire workshops for improved health, healing others, and about how to feel more peaceful internally.  He states that Activity and Focus are both important for effective Qigong practice.  One of the most beautiful Qigong forms he teaches is called The Waterfall.  You can find him on the internet, and especially on YouTube, by searching for David J Coon and Qigong.  He even offers a free two hour workshop on Peace, that you will find well worth the time if you decide to watch and participate.  David healed himself from serious injuries decades ago using daily Qigong.  He teaches classes in person in North Carolina and also online.  David Coon has recently written a book, Qigong for Beginners Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality, which you might enjoy.


Jeffrey Yuen is an 88th generation Priest of the Jade Purity School Lao Tzu Sect, and representative of other Taoist Sects as well.  He is one of the most sought-after teachers of the Art and Science of Chinese Medicine, and exemplifies Peace in his presence and daily life.  He has deep knowledge and wisdom about healing with Acupuncture, Meditation, Gems, Aromatic Oils, Herbs, and much more.  He has organized much of the Classical Chinese Medicine curriculum at the Daoist Healing Arts school in North Carolina, as well as in other schools.  Listening to him and learning from him is an unforgettable experience.  You can find more information about Jeffrey Yuen online.  Some lectures and courses may be available for a reasonable fee.  


What the world needs now are Love and Peace.  It so so important to work, live, and move closer to that state of balance and harmony.  


This blog’s offer:  if you have any questions about any of these fine people, please feel free to contact me.  If I can be of help in some way, through Hypnosis, Flower Essences, Qigong and more, all of which can help bring people into a state of increased balance and Peace, contact me by phone or email.