Qi Gong

Qi Gong refers to Chinese exercises geared to help enhance health, vitality, and inner calm.  There are usually three components to qi gong: physical movement, specific patterns of breath, and use of the mind to either direct qi or to achieve quiet and peace.  Some of these exercises are done when seated; others are done standing or moving.  A few are done lying down.  There is no precise equivalent for “qi” in western culture; the closest is electromagnetic energy.  The Chinese word “gong” means work, so the two words together can refer to “energy work”, that done by one person for another, that shared or exchanged between two or more people, and that done by one person for him or herself, utilizing energy from the environment and his or her own internal physical and mental energy.  Dr. Wagner teaches appropriate qi gong exercises to patients and students.  In order to benefit optimally from these exercises, it is best to practice them daily.  She gives detailed instruction regarding qi gong and also provides opportunities for review, correction, and improvement.  She teaches specific exercises that may help with many issues, including sleep, digestion, and mental stress, and also teaches sets of exercises that can help build vitality and improve overall health.