Sunday, March 31, 2024

            Blog #145 Some Lesser Known Resources for Optimal Health


Although it is true that some people cannot afford to purchase organic food, air purifiers, and other supportive supplies, many of us can afford to buy at least some of these items, especially when faced with negative health consequences that can occur when people do not care for themselves and their families as well as their circumstances allow.  Below are many sources of excellent, life-giving foods, water and air purification systems, exercise suggestions, holistic health support, and not easily found sources of information regarding good health.


Several Food Co-ops either currently exist or will soon exist in the Chicago area.  Dill Pickle Food Co-op operates in Logan Square, on Milwaukee Avenue, the Chicago Market will be in Uptown, on Wilson Avenue,  and Wild Onion Food Co-op (Rogers Park) will be opening this year, on Clark Street.  All three of these food co-ops buy or will buy much of their produce from local farmers, some of whom are certified Organic.  Larger stores, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Mariano’s also sell a significant amount of Organic or other naturally-grown produce, though much of their food comes from more distant locations, such as California or Mexico. Farmers’ Markets usually are my favorite places to buy produce.  There are many markets in the Chicago area, such as the Logan Square, Green City and Rogers’ Park Markets.  Farmers markets exist in almost all Chicago suburbs, including Skokie, Evanston, Oak Park, Wilmette, and Park Ridge.  Evanston is my personal favorite.  There are also stores that buy meat, dairy and produce primarily from local farmers and sell to the public. The store that I am most familiar with is Village Farmstand, located in Evanston, on Dempster.  Several community gardens in Chicago and also in other suburbs, such as Evanston, allow you to rent a plot and grow some produce in spring, summer and autumn.  And, of course, if you are fortunate enough to have land for a garden, you can grow some of your own food.  


Unfortunately, last year, Chicago was rated as one of the most polluted cities in the U.S., due to the Canadian fires.  Many people chose to stay inside as much as possible, and air purifiers helped make the indoor air less toxic. Several air purifiers recommended by Consumers are several Blue Air Blue Pure brand air filters, Conway Air brand filters, Alen Breathe Smart, Clean Force brand, and Honeywell brand air purifiers.  I personally would add Air Doctor air purifiers to the list.  Another way to keep air in your space clean is to have many plants (and I mean vast numbers) in your spaces.  It is best to primarily use those that are good bedroom plants. These will not exhale a lot of carbon dioxide at night, like many plants do.  Some plants I would recommend to keep your indoor air clean are Boston Fern, English Ivy, all Palm Trees, Rubber Plants, Pearl Lilly, and Snake Plant (this last is my favorite).  


Regarding water, it is best not to drink water from plastic bottles, since those bottles both pollute the environment and introduce small particles of plastic into your body.  Instead, I would recommend consuming water in glass bottles, such as Mountain Valley, or Voss.  Otherwise, it would be best to purify tap water at home.  The best ways to purify water are either distillation, which removes all impurities, including fluoride, reverse osmosis, which removes almost all impurities, or a high quality water filter.  Several waters purifiers I would recommend include Zero Water, Aqua Pure, Berkey (gravity driven, no electricity), APEC Water System (reverse osmosis) and Water Wise (distillation).  


Highly beneficial exercise includes regular walks, preferably out of doors, near a body of water or In a wooded area, regular Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong practice, modern, flowing dance as well as some more challenging exercises, such as weight lifting two or three times a week or using exercise bands several times a week.  Strong Posture, a program to cultivate improved posture and balance, is also very beneficial, especially for people who are middle aged or older.  Grounding yourself by being barefoot on earth or sand can be helpful.  I also recommend forest bathing – spending time walking and relaxing among trees. These above types of exercise will help reduce stress, support better sleep and digestion, keep the body more toned and strong, support the immune system, and much more. 


Finally, supportive therapies, such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, and guided specific therapeutic exercises can all improve both mental and physical health.  I wish you the best in finding what works best for you.


This blog’s offer:  contact me if you would like to receive Chiropractic or Acupuncture therapy, if you would like to take a Strong Posture course, or if you would like to learn some Chi Gong forms appropriate for you. Also, if you contact me, I will share with you some difficult to find sources of information regarding protecting yourself from infectious disease, medical errors, and more.