Thursday, January 23, 2014

       Blog#23:  Flower Essences Can Help with New Year’s Resolutions

Flower essences can make life run more smoothly and lend support to help reach many New Year’s resolutions.  Of course, most important are consistency and commitment in daily life to reaching a goal or making a change.  For best results, work with a professional flower essence practitioner.  Some of popular goals held for the New Year are smoking cessation, weight control, and stress management. 

Smoking cessation:  work on several different levels is usually necessary to achieve this goal.  Most important is the determination to free oneself from cigarettes (or cigars and pipes) no matter how difficult the task.  For one thing, it is necessary to weather the two or three weeks of physical discomfort as the body frees itself from addictive substances.  At the same time, it is important to substitute other activities for smoking.  Hopefully, these activities are neither addictive nor harmful.  One also needs to successfully cope with the stresses that smoking helped alleviate as well as stresses that arise from releasing an addiction and coping mechanism.  Finally, if cigarettes have been regarded as the smoker’s close friend, it is necessary to find support and pleasure in other avenues, such as artistic outlets, sports, new friendships, or volunteer work.  When these steps are in place, flower essences can make the change much smoother than it might be otherwise.  Two essences that are sometimes helpful for those who want to quit smoking are Nicotiana and Yarrow, both from the Flower Essence Society.  Nicotiana helps to alleviate irritability and cravings for cigarettes due to physical addiction.  Yarrow is most helpful when the cravings are mainly emotional, as when cigarettes are used as a shield from stressful situations. 

Weight control:  it is important to ascertain that weight problems are not from physical imbalances, such as thyroid dysfunction or fluid retention.  As with smoking cessation, it is essential to be committed to see the task through to the end, no matter how challenging it becomes.  Adhering to a healthy diet that will not give rise to cravings is important, as is engaging in activities that are fulfilling and energizing.  Regular exercise is helpful with weight loss, but a healthy, low-caloric diet is even more important.  Several Bach Flower Essences which are sometimes helpful with weight loss are Cherry Plum, which has a calming effect and increases self-control, Chestnut Bud, which helps break mindless eating habits, and Crab Apple, which helps enhance self-confidence and regulate mood swings.  Each individual is different, so other essences from the Bach set or from other essence sets may be more appropriate and effective. 

Stress management:  virtually everyone can benefit from stress reduction.  Simplifying one’s life and letting go of possessions and activities that are not essential is important. Also important are regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, a healthy diet, sufficient water consumption, and both social contact and time alone.  The Australian Bush Flower Essences have several remedies which can help with stress management, including Black-eyed Susan, which addresses the need to be busy all the time and helps one slow down and feel more peaceful inside.  Also helpful in crisis situations and with injuries is Rescue Remedy, a combination of five essences from the Bach Flower Essences: Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, and Star of Bethlehem.  Because there are many factors contributing to stress, it is best to work with a professional to find the most effective essences.

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