Friday, September 29, 2023

                          Blog #139 Autumn is a Time of Forgiveness


Autumn is a time of harvest, major changes, taking stock of what seeds have been sown and what flowers and fruit has grown.  In this season before winter, we may find ourselves growing closer to inhabitants of other worlds (maybe spirits, ancestors, teachers, doctors, muses, and any other types of beings we may accept as possibilities).  We may believe that we reap rewards or punishments for our thoughts, words and behaviors during the preceding year.  Some religions share the philosophy of karma and karmic response, such as some of the Asian religions - Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, for example.  Some western religions espouse a good or bad response from the Universe especially from God, for past behaviors.  This is true of the Christian belief about suffering we deserve but which Christ endured in our place, about burning in hell or ascending to heaven, about the Moslem belief in the Universe returning to us in the afterlife any positive or negative energies we may have put out, and the Jewish belief in prayer and atonement, especially on Yom Kippur, to help us wipe the slate clean from past transgressions, so that hopefully, in the coming year, God will be merciful.  


Using fear as motivation for approved, “good” behavior is not a constructive way to run a life a country or the world, in my opinion.  Thoughts and feelings of self-recrimination, guilt, anger, judgement, hatred, and other negative emotions tend to do more harm to the individual feeling them than to anyone else.  However, having the capacity to step back and observe a bigger picture in life and in the world can help individuals free themselves of fear, anger, rebellion, grief, addiction, envy, and more.  Sometimes reading inspirational literature can be a helpful step to freedom, as can gathering with positive, like-minded people.  Possibly the most powerful way to overcome negativity and to gain a greater, more courageous perspective, is to act in a positive manner. Treat others as if you see their best qualities and look for constructive motivations and actions in individuals and groups, including powerful groups, including nations.  This can be very difficult to do, and I am holding it up as a challenge to myself.  Wish me the best, and maybe try to do this yourself.  


This blog’s offer.  I am offering to you my best wishes for this Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.  If you have not heard of Peace Pilgrim, consider looking up her website, reading a book about her, and especially reading “Peace Pilgrim her life and work in her own words”.