Sunday, June 24, 2018

                 Blog#76: Benefit from Summer Solstice Energy 

Summer, particularly the two weeks before and after the summer solstice (June 21st) is an extremely energizing time.  In the northern hemisphere, we get the most light from the sun during this time.  Additionally warmth from the sun strongly penetrates the ground and water.  Plants and animals are energized by this solar energy, and so are we.  

Spring is regarded as the best time for detoxification for good reason:  summer’s gift of vitality will be most helpful in repairing and optimizing health after a good spring detox.  Because virtually everyone has been exposed to various toxic substances, side effects while the body detoxifies and repairs itself are common. 

Possible side effects from a strong detoxification program may include headache, nasal discharge, abdominal cramps, joint pain, fatigue, skin rash, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, poor mental focus, depression, poor appetite, toxic food cravings, fluid retention, and more.  These side effects are usually mild and brief. 

Generally, these signs arise because some of the toxic chemicals that have been stored in the body  (in skin, fat, muscle, or even internal organs) are now being released, and the body has to work extra hard in order to process, neutralize, and these substances.  This work takes energy. The highest energy time in the year is summer, especially around the solstice.  

Some lifestyle choices that can help conserve energy and optimize healing and vitality are 1.eating a balanced, organic, grass-fed, diet, 2. getting plenty of sleep and rest,  3. refraining from overly-demanding physical exercise, 4. instead taking walks, doing yoga, tai chi or chi gong, 5. staying hydrated with organic vegetable and fruit juices and/or pure distilled, filtered or good quality spring water, 6. eating vegetarian or vegan for several weeks or months, 7.  consuming at least 50% of the diet raw, 8. breathing from the diaphragm (belly breathing),  9. spending some time out in the sun every day (avoid sunburn), 10. daily earthing by going barefoot at least for short periods of time, especially on a beach, and 11.  spending as much time as possible away from the city or other sources of pollution and stress, and instead staying among trees (forest bathing).  

This month’s offer: contact me for help discovering what kind of detoxification program or process would be best for you.  Also, acupuncture treatment is most powerful and effective during the months of June and July, since this is when the most energy is available with which to work.