Sunday, April 27, 2014

                Blog# 26: Three Important Flower Essences for Spring

Dandelion.  This flower can help those who keep overwhelmingly busy schedules and suffer the consequences.  These people are so busy that they neglect their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and consequently develop great tension in their bodies, especially in their upper back and neck.  Dandelion flower essence helps to release this tension and the associated blocked or suppressed emotions.  The essence can be taken orally, added to massage oil, and even lightly sprayed in a workplace or home.  Dandelion is well known as a detoxifying bitter tonic which cleanses the liver, increases bile flow, and restores normal bowel function.  The herb also helps release stagnant emotions, especially anger, which is the emotion associated with the liver and gall bladder in Asian Medicine.

Nettles.  Also called stinging nettles, this flower essence can help people who tend to be cold and angry, even spiteful, possibly because they feel cheated by others or by life in general.  It can help in the expression of these emotions, thus allowing more open and honest connection with others.  Nettles flower essence helps cleanse toxins from the body which are due to emotional stress.  The essence also helps the body relax.  It is especially effective in reducing or resolving conflict and cruelty within the home or workplace.  The herb is one of the world’s most nutritious greens, especially rich in vitamins A and C, as well as in iron, silica, and potassium.  It helps rid the body of toxins by stimulating kidney and liver function, and has long been used to support those convalescing from illness or suffering from anemia. 

Peppermint.  As a flower essence, peppermint helps people who suffer from mental sluggishness and digestive tract upset due to stress or an inappropriate diet.  It can help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and, as a result, can increase mental and physical energy.  Peppermint flower essence is sometimes used to help improve mental concentration and is an excellent remedy for students, especially around exam time, including spring final exams.  It can also help alleviate mild depression.   As an herbal remedy, it can improve blood circulation and warms the body.  It tends to relax tension and relieve pain, including menstrual cramps.  Peppermint herb acts as a mild muscle relaxant, and can help alleviate problems ranging from indigestion, mild asthmatic attacks, and insomnia.

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