Tuesday, January 13, 2015

               Blog#35:  Ways to Maximize Your Benefit from Chiropractic
Some people need regular chiropractic adjustments for years or even decades because they were born with structural anomalies, or have suffered injuries which resulted in long-term postural imbalances.  Most people need only a few weeks or months of chiropractic to help them regain health and function after an illness or injury.  Sometimes, when people are under severe stress, don’t get enough sleep, are exposed to environmental toxins, have poor diets, unknowingly suffer from food allergies, abuse substances such as cigarettes or alcohol, take many prescription drugs, or experience chronic depression and/or anxiety, chiropractic adjustments may not be as helpful as they could be.  Here are ten ways to help maximize your benefit from chiropractic adjusting.
1.     Take a walk in the woods at least once a week. 
2.     Sing a song or play a musical instrument every day.
3.     Before you fall asleep each night, think of at least ten people, situations, or things that you enjoy and that inspire you.
4.     Take the opportunity for one day a week to eat strictly vegan and organic, and drink at least 6 glasses of purified/filtered water on that day. 
5.     Fast from technology at least one day a week and instead read a real book, write in a journal, or get together with others and have a stimulating conversation which challenges your viewpoint and intellect.
6.     Explore something new at least once a week, such as a neighborhood where you have never been, an art gallery you have never visited, or a meeting of an organization about which you would like to learn more.  
7.     Practice a refreshing and fortifying type of daily exercise, such as yoga or qi gong.
8.      Engage in a creative form of expression, such as writing, painting, music, weaving, cooking, gardening, or re-decorating your home or workplace. 
9.     Find the most appropriate flower essence to support your healing process, calm your mind or lift your spirits.
10.  Take time daily to meditate or help yourself with self-hypnosis. 
You can sometimes enjoy several of these suggestions/resolutions simultaneously – i.e. meeting with a knitting or weaving group on a day when you are technology-free, taking a camping or boating trip with a person or persons whose company and intellect you enjoy, or even joining me some Sunday for the Nature Writing Group, which meets once a month at the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago, at 5801 North Pulaski Road.   If this last idea interests you, the writing group’s next meeting is Sunday January 18th from 11 am until 1 pm.  We gather by the fireplace, share and critique writing, and walk through the nature preserve. 

This month’s offer:  contact me anytime to find out when the next Nature Writing Group will meet.  Also, consider contacting me for instructions in self-hypnosis, qi gong, or simple meditation.