Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Blog# 113  Share Something Funny

                                              Blog  113 Share Something Funny


Because humor and laughter have healing effects on the body, mind and spirit, I decided to share some information about a few humorous sites and videos I have encountered in the past several years.  Some are somewhat political, others not at all.  Some are slightly bawdy.  They all can help us laugh at ourselves and at the circumstances in which we find ourselves.   Not taking oneself too seriously can be good for everyone’s health.  Laughter helps move “qi”, that is, energy, through the body and also relaxes the mind and lifts the spirit, all of which are beneficial to us all.  Some of these humorous sites are “conservative” leaning and some are “progressive” leaning, and all can be enjoyable when viewed with an open mind and heart.  Additionally, laughing at varying perspectives can help unite us as a country, population, and world.  Goodness knows, we need to be unified much moreso than we are now.  


I recommend skits from Saturday Night Live, and one skit in particular, if you don’t mind dark, slightly bawdy humor about the pandemic, is especially funny.  You can find it by typing psychic 2020 in your browser.  You may also have to type in snl.  Kate Mckenna plays the psychic.  She gives quite a nuanced performance, which becomes more notable if you watch a few times, which I have, and still laugh each time I watch it.  Interestingly, when I laugh a lot during the day, I usually sleep well at night.  That might be because laughter increases the body’s supply of melatonin, according to Dennis Rosen, M.D., sharing a Pub Med published study by a group of Japanese researchers, which demonstrated that laughter raised the level of melatonin in breast milk.  Additionally, Mayo Clinic online discusses the effect of laughter on stress relief and pain control.  And there are plenty of other sources.  


Another person who makes many people laugh is J P Sears.  A comic and a counselor, at one time, he was liberal and now he considers himself politically conservative, or so he says.  Some of his more apolitical skits include one about manscripts and another about womanscripts.  They are supposed to teach people how to communicate effectively and without undue conflict when dealing with significant others.  You can find these two skits and others besides, by typing JP Sears in your browser, and then choosing the link that includes You Tube.  From there, you can search for both “manscripts” and “womanscripts”.  If you find these funny, you might want to look through some of his other skits.  J P’s forte is satire. 


Several years ago, I discovered a hilarious woman who has been making short videos for You tube for over ten years.  You can find her site by typing in MePearlA in a You Tube search or in your browser.  This woman calls herself Georgette Spelvin and she comes across as a possible actor, model, college professor or maybe all three.  She definitely is an animal rehabilitation specialist, and has been so for over ten years.  She teaches compassion for all animals, especially opossums, which sometimes strike fear in the hearts of those not familiar with them.  To enjoy a link to “Halloweaster”, one of her many videos, type in MePearla in your browser.  The You Tube home page for MePearla features Halloweaster, and it is a good place to start.  Enjoy!  There is almost an endless selection of wacky and totally unique humor from Georgette and her rescue animals.


One last humorous link is to a Bob Newhart classic, “Stop It!”  There are several edited versions of this, some longer than others.  Just type Bob Newhart Stop it! Into your browser.  I would suggest that you either choose the complete version which lasts 6.21 minutes or the one with Wayne Berry’s introduction and ending, which adds a positive message about success and self-actualization.  This version lasts a little over 9 minutes.  Over the years, I’ve shared Bob Newhart’s “Stop It!” with many people, and everyone thought it was funny, though a few people also shuddered.  Bob Newhart spent a lifetime entertaining people and making people laugh.  Enjoy!


This is probably my one and only blog that will address humor, internet humor in particular.  I hope you get some laughs and maybe also a good night’s sleep from watching these comics.  Next month, I will return to a more serious topic.


This blog’s offer:  contact me if you want to learn about other humorous videos, as well as books, movies, and more.  And if you have any favorite jokes, feel free to share them.