Sunday, December 26, 2021

                                      Blog #118 A New Year's Gift for My Readers

                         Blog# 118 A New Year’s Present to My Readers


Today, I am posting several links on which you can click, if you care to do so.  You might find them informative and helpful during this uncertain time.  On YouTube, there are several presenters who I have found intelligent, humane, and relatively unbiased.  They have training and practice in conventional western medicine and also are open-minded regarding many approaches to help people stay healthy or overcome illness. They teach clearly and concisely, which helps listeners feel more grounded and calm when dealing with the challenges the world currently faces.


One teacher and physician is Dr. Mobeen Syed (often called Dr. Been).  He is a medical doctor, software engineer, an excellent artist, and founder and CEO of an online medical education company.  Below are two links from his YouTube channel.  One discusses and explains the therapeutic benefits of using some mouthwashes to control the severity or transmissibility of bacterial and viral infections.


The second link discusses a prescription medication called Colchicine.  This medication has a mildly anti-inflammatory action and also sometimes protects people who have very recently become infected.  It sometimes helps reduce the chances of an infection becoming significantly more severe.  Other medications are mentioned in passing.


The third and last link leads to a discussion with Dr. John Campbell, a retired international nurse educator.  He is interviewing Dr. Lindsay Dixon, a Canadian pharmacist.  She is presenting information about three main topics: mouthwashes and their effectiveness in preventing or controlling infection; Colchicine, as one prescription medication that appears to help control or eliminate respiratory infections in their early stages; and Vitamin D, as a way to bolster the immune system also control inflammation levels. 


I hope you enjoy these Holiday gifts below.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the presentations or the products and medications mentioned in them.  I wish everyone a happy, healthy 2022.  May we heal and learn as a country and a planet to be more compassionate and understanding.  May we learn to assume more responsibility for our health and the environment and become empowered through this responsibility.