Monday, August 27, 2018

                      Blog #78 Rash – Some Causes and Treatments

Recently, I have observed and treated rashes in several patients.  The presentation and causes have varied, as have the treatments. The most dramatic-appearing rashes are red, raised, and wide-spread.  They usually itch.  They may be transient, leaving within a few hours or days, but some may last for months or even years.  Usually, a person develops a skin rash because of an allergic reaction to something, possibly an environmental toxin (toxic for them, but not necessarily for everyone), certain foods or an insect bite.  Rashes, sometimes called urticaria (you can search and find photos easily if you want a clear visual) also can arise in connection with new detergents, emotional stress, dry skin and even sometimes nutritional deficiency.  I will share information about two patients.  Details have been changed to protect privacy.

 One person tended to have allergic reactions to various substances and also had been exposed to more toxic substances than the average person.  Insect sprays, radiation, harsh chemical cleaners, and foods raised with chemical fertilizers and pesticide sprays all qualify as toxic substances, and he had been exposed to all of these.  For three days, he had a raised red rash over most of his body, and was unable to stop himself from scratching.  He experiences rashes periodically, after some sort of toxic exposure, the most recent being a move to a new office, with new, out-gassing carpets, and toxic paints. Fortunately, a chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture treatment, along with recommended for two daily quarts of water and an organic vegan diet for several days resulted in complete resolution in less than 48 hours.  

A second patient had a much more complex presentation.  She had been struggling with a blood-red, severely itchy rash for over three years.  The rash now covered almost all her body, though it had begun in her groin.  She had reached the point where it was severely impacting her quality of life and was leading to anxiety and depression. Other symptoms, such as vertigo, gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD) and increasingly severe back, wrist and ankle pain also plagued her.  After several treatments, she began slowly responding.  Chiropractic, acupuncture, positive suggestions using self-hypnosis, and herbal nutritional supplements MediHerb to support the adrenals, thyroid, and skin were also used, as was a skin cream prescribed by her allopathic doctor. After a dozen treatments at my office, the rash and itching had almost completely subsided, as had the back and extremity pain, GERD, vertigo, and the depression and anxiety. She has recovered her normal quality of life.  At this time, she still needs to use the three supplements periodically for support since then.  Eventually, based on further discussions, we concluded that her rash likely began as a reaction to bedbug infestation and bites that she suffered at a past residence. Although not common, some people respond to bedbug bites in this way, especially when their immune systems are compromised by stress, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep or other factors.  

The skin may develop rashes when the body is so overwhelmed with toxins that elimination through bowels, urine, sweat, menses and respiration is inadequate.  Eating a healthful diet, cultivating healthy gut bacteria, engaging in regular exercise, using non-toxic substances in the home, learning to handle stressful situations with more calm or minimizing them, and using regular detoxification programs at least once per year (see Blog #73 on my webpage: will help reduce the toxic load and make skin rashes much less likely.

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