Wednesday, May 27, 2015

                                   Blog #39: Qi Gong = Energy Work

Energy work uses the mind to achieve something.  Since Qi Gong is generally geared to improving health, it can be thought of as energy work to improve one’s health.  This blog will teach a simple meditation with which can help lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing, relax the body and mind, and aid digestion.  This meditation is done as follows:

First, sit or lie supine in a comfortable setting.  While still staying relaxed, make sure your spine is as straight as possible.  Take three deep breaths, a long inhale and exhale.  Then, smile with your eyes, and connect with a loving, happy feeling.  It is essential that you feel relaxed and positive when you do this meditation.  When you meditate and feel upsetting or negative emotions, even worry, you can push the negative emotion deeper inside you if you feel it when you are meditating, so be sure to bring in calm and happy feelings.  All feelings are transient, so it is absolutely possible to feel positive and calm during this meditation and then return to the concerns and challenges in your life when you have finished meditating. 

Next, close your eyes and direct your positive attention inside your body, specifically to your liver.  The liver is located under and below the right rib-cage.  After remaining there a few seconds, move your positive attention to your heart.  The heart is located higher than the liver, and just to the left of the sternum (breast bone).  After remaining there a few seconds, next move your positive attention to your pancreas and spleen.  Both of these organs are located on the left side of the abdomen.  The pancreas is a little below the heart, and the spleen is located behind and towards the bottom of the left rib-cage.  After remaining here for several seconds, move your positive attention next to your lungs. The lungs are located in the chest, to the right and left of the midline.  Remain there for several seconds, and then move your positive attention to the kidneys and adrenal glands.  The kidneys are located in the lower part of the back, to the right and left of midline, and the adrenals sit on top of the kidneys. 

You can go through this cycle several times or just end the meditation after one full cycle.  Make sure to always begin with the liver and end with the kidneys.  The five positions/sets of organs mentioned here correspond to the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The Five Elements correspond not just to the internal organs, but also to the sensory organs, the seasons, flavors, scents, sounds, colors, and much more.  The five elements are covered in more detail in blog #6. 

This meditation can be done anywhere and at any time of day, though early morning is generally the best time, and a peaceful, safe location where you feel comfortable and will not be interrupted is the best location. 

This month’s offer:  contact me with any questions you have about this meditation.  If you want to learn about it in more detail, you can set up a session with me and bring along other people if you care to.  A small fee will apply.