Tuesday, May 25, 2021

     Blog 111: June and July - The Two Most Powerful Acupuncture Months  


Today, I will keep this short and sweet.  If you want to help yourself preventatively with acupuncture, the months of June and July will help supply you with the most powerful energy (Qi, or Chi) to support your health.  This is because during this time, the sun emits the most light, and therefore emits the most energy to the earth and its inhabitants.  Additionally, the earth has absorbed the most warmth during this time, and these two sources of energy/warmth (sun and earth) can enter the acupuncture needles and also physically support each person more strongly than at any other time of year.  You could consider the summer solstice (June 20th) the bull’s eye in a target representing the power of treatments.  And there are also especially effective hours for acupuncture treatment.  Generally, the morning is most effective.  That way, your energy system (body/mind) has the entire day to utilize the information the treatment has introduced to you and to the meridians that traverse every part of your body.  Additionally, each meridian and the internal organs and/or functions associated with them are especially energized or sedated during two hours of the 24 hour cycle.  For example, lungs are especially energized and supported from 3 to 5 am.  


Acupuncture can also be helpful during the colder, winter months, but at these times, we are more likely to need the supplemental support of moxabustion (the warming of specific points with the herb, Mugwort), or herbs, usually consumed as a tea or in tablet or capsule form.  Moxabustion and certain warming herbs are usually not helpful during the warmest times of the year and may even result in insomnia, hypertension, or other unwanted symptoms.  


Of course, many therapies are beneficial during the summer months, as well as all year round.  Massage, chiropractic, nutritional support or detoxification, Qi Gong, hypnosis and flower essences are some of the many therapies can be helpful.  Now that we are coming out of over a year’s worth of semi-quarantine, it can be especially valuable to have some treatments to help support you during this happy and challenging time.  Because summer provides so much energy, some may squander their energy and even their reserves during the warmer months.  However, it may be wise to save some of this beneficial Chi to make the blessings of good health and vitality, to say nothing of mental clarity and emotional harmony more likely even during the coldest, most challenging seasons.   


This blog’s offer:  contact me for a treatment or two to stay healthy, or even for some self-hypnosis instruction or flower essences.  Have an enjoyable and healthy summer.