About Elaine Wagner

Dr. Wagner established her private practice in Chicago in September of 1980.  She values preventative treatment as much as the treatment of specific problems, and also teaches self-help to all who are interested in assuming more responsibility for their well-being.  Dr. Wagner worked in the health care field at Potomac Valley Nursing Home in Maryland for a year and at the Chicago Women’s Health Center for nine years.   She received her B.A. Summa Cum Laude and graduate credits from the University of Maryland. She also took pre-med courses to enter the four year program at the National College of Chiropractic.  Since graduation, she has continued post-doctoral study in the fields of chiropractic adjusting, exercise rehabilitation and more. In addition, Dr. Wagner has done extensive study and practical work in the fields of nutrition and detoxification. She graduated from the two year program in acupuncture at the Midwest Center for the study of Oriental Medicine and has trained with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese acupuncturists. She is nationally certified as an acupuncturist though the NCCAOM and licensed as an acupuncturist and chiropractic physician in Illinois. She studied herbology with several Chinese herbalists, and also studied twai na (a Chinese system of healing massage), tai qi and qi gong (Chinese exercises for health and relaxation) in the U.S. and China. Dr. Wagner teaches qi gong for health and relaxation in her clinic.  She is certified in hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnotists and teaches self-hypnosis to patients and students at her clinic.

Dr. Wagner has many interests, including photography (there is a photo gallery of her trip to Iceland on this site), music (she plays hammered dulcimer at festivals, workshops, benefits, parties), writing (she has written and published articles and poetry and runs a monthly nature writing group at North Park Village Nature Center) travel (she has traveled throughout the U.S. and internationally, and has photos in her office to share some of the world's beauty she was fortunate to see) camping (almost anywhere, but especially in national parks and wilderness areas) and more.  She believes that having a life which includes valued activities and which upholds core ideas and values, including self-care, will contribute to a happier, healthier life.