Tuesday, December 29, 2020


                                          Blog #105 Balance and Thankfulness Despite It All


This has been quite a month.  The pandemic has increased in intensity, election results are revealing the best and the worst in people, emotionally-charged holidays are on the horizon, and some people are falling into deep despair.  Because my urge to solve problems and make things more harmonious is frequent and strong, when I see someone fail who could have benefitted from holistic health modalities but did not use them, it is difficult.  So today’s blog is about some of the ways holistic health care can be beneficial, even (or especially) when conventional western medicine has no solution, or the health establishment does not want to pay attention to the issue when other problems, such as a pandemic, occupy most of the attention. 


Female hormonal problems such as PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), miscarriage, irregular periods and infertility all respond especially well to Acupuncture therapy.  A skilled acupuncturist can direct qi (energy) in beneficial directions to relax muscles, slow or stop bleeding, wake up internal organs that have become dormant, and help direct the body to utilize nutrients or detoxify more effectively.  Often, when a person feels depressed, it is not only situational or chemical.  They also can be suffering from low energy due to blood loss, overwork, poor nutrition or detrimental coordination of internal organ systems.  For instance, when a woman miscarries, even when the bleeding stops and even though she is eating healthfully, a dysfunctional pattern is often established in the body that allows qi to flow downward and out of the body.  Sometimes, menstrual bleeding will be heavier than usual.  This dysfunctional energy flow will result in fatigue, which can lead to depression if the faulty energy flow continues for several months.  If depression becomes serious enough, the person may even become suicidal.  Herbs will usually not be enough to stop this energy loss, since qi needs to be redirected in a beneficial way by needling specific combinations of points and angling the needles in the proper directions.  The body needs to re-learn and then maintain that redirection.  This correction can take several months, but sometimes can be accomplished in just a few treatments a few days apart.  Acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy can also help balance hormones and support malfunctioning organs, which may have contributed to the miscarriage.  Of course, over time, the body may rebalance from the challenge on its own, but this takes time, and sometimes the person does not have enough reserves to recover fully, or at all.  Acupuncture will speed up the healing dramatically. 


Although it does not take the place of addressing physical imbalances, a thankful attitude is an excellent way to support and improve health and vitality.  Finding things for which to give thanks and doing this on a regular basis can help relax muscles, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, support the immune system, and even help quiet the mind, thus making contact with deep intuition more likely.  When contact with true inner intuition occurs, a person is likely to make beneficial choices in their life and also act in ways that benefit others.  Making a list of several things for which you are truly grateful, and feeling that gratitude while thinking or speaking of these things/people/situations prior to bedtime and/or first thing in the morning  will have an increasingly beneficial effect.  The list may change, just as things do in life.  Sometimes it seems hard to find things to really appreciate, but there are so many.  For example:  A roof over one’s head.  Clothing to wear.  The ability of see or hear or walk.  A sense of humor.  Caring relationships.  Reasonably good health.  The ability to read this blog, articles, books.  Interests and hobbies.  Work - voluntary or paid.  Music.  Art.  A beautiful sunrise.  A lake, ocean or other body of water.  Mountains.  Trees, flowers and other plants.  Animal companions.  A majestic raptor in flight.  Spiritual or religious faith.  Love of humanity.  Inner peace.  Hope for the future.  And much more. 


I hope this blog has been both informative and inspirational.  Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving holiday season.


This blog’s offer:  please contact me with questions about how holistic medicine can help during these challenging times, and every day. 








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