Tuesday, December 29, 2020


                                          Blog 104 Staying Healthy in 2020 and 2021


This Fall and Winter 2020 as well as most or all 2021 will be especially challenging for many of us, so in this blog, I will share some information that can be used to support physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.  In some cases, your survival may depend on the strength of your physical and emotional health, and especially on the health of your immune system.  It is important to start improving or rebuilding your health now if you are immunocompromised, a senior, or have other comorbidities, such as obesity, diabetes, or other degenerative or autoimmune conditions. 


First, stay away from toxic or immune-suppressing substances, such as tobacco, alcohol, white sugar, pesticides, medications or combinations of medications which may injure the lungs or other internal organs or elevate the blood pressure, junk or fast foods, almost all vegetable oils except flax and olive, and many other substances, including processed foods that inflame your body or overwhelm your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and internal organs and systems. 


Nutritional support is essential for improving or rebuilding your health and strength.  Whole foods grown organically or biodynamically, without the use of chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides will be most beneficial for you.  Different people find that different diets benefit them most.  Some do well on a Mediterranean diet, others on a strict vegetarian or pescatarian diet.  Some people need to avoid gluten or dairy, and others do best eating during only a limited time frame each day, such as from 7 am until 7 pm or even a smaller time frame.  Currently, with the compromised soil and air, almost everyone needs nutritional supplements to support their health.  A high quality multivitamin with herbs, such as that sold by The Synergy Company, Standard Process or Metagenics can be a good baseline on which to build.  A good source of omega-3 fatty acids will also be beneficial.  Wild caught small fish from relatively pristine waters (with microplastics, nothing is completely pristine anymore), high quality fish oil (most are very poor quality, so do your research and be discerning) or organic flax seed oil are  sources of omega-3 fatty acids.  Some people need other, more specific substances to support particular internal organs.  These can be herbs and also protomorphogens or extracts from bovine, porcine or other animal organs such as liver, kidneys, thymus, bone, and more.  Also, make sure to stay hydrated.  Juicing organic juices, especially from leafy greens plus some root vegetables and apples, is another good source of nutrients. 


Sufficient sleep is essential for good health.  Some ways to improve the quality of sleep is to keep cell phones and computers out of the bedroom, keep the television turned off at night, eat your last meal several hours before you go to sleep, keep your mind on positive things, such as thankfulness, love and caring that you feel for others and that others feel for you, inspirational literature, gentle harmonious music, and relaxing evening walks or stretches.  Additionally, avoid most alcohol and restrict caffeine intake to before noon.  Regular, relatively vigorous exercise earlier in the day can also help you sleep well at night. 


Practicing deep, relaxed abdominal breathing several times a day can help with sleep quality, as well as support your health during your waking hours.  We all need oxygen to support our cells as they undergo repair and growth.  Low oxygen is more conducive to the development of diseases such as autoimmune ailments, cancer, and dementia.   Cultivate strong, healthy posture, avoid wearing extremely tight clothes and become gently more and more aware of your breathing.  Consider learning and practicing a daily simple meditation or some daily progressive relaxation self-hypnosis to support yourself in becoming more relaxed physically and mentally. 


Chiropractic adjusting and acupuncture therapy can help you relax physically and mentally as well as support you in learning to breathe abdominally.  In addition, proper nutrition plus chiropractic and/or acupuncture have a synergistic effect in improving your energy level, supporting your immune system, and helping you absorb and assimilate food and supplements. 


This blog’s offer: to help stay healthy during this pandemic, contact me with questions about nutritional supplements, self-hypnosis instruction, chiropractic adjusting, acupuncture therapy, Chi Gong instruction, Strong Posture classes and more. 

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