Thursday, November 30, 2023

                               Blog# 141 Magnetism Healing and Peace


One of my Acupuncture teachers, a Korean Taoist Grand Master, with whom I was fortunate to have studied for a few years, taught his students several ways to understand polarity and magnetism.  He most favored the following description of humans connected to the earth and each other:  supportive Earth/Universal energy almost always first enters through the sole of the left foot, moves up the leg, into the pelvic area, up the spine, and eventually, depending on activity or intention, moves outward as supportive energy from the base of the neck out through the right hand, or up the neck, to the top of the head, sometimes then moving down the front of the body.  Energy can center in the navel area and also can connect with the Earth through the right foot.  Supportive Earth/Universal energy also can enter through the left hand, move to the heart area and leave through the right hand.  Since magnetic, and indeed, all energy, can be pulled in or pushed away with the mind, mental focus and strong, stable intention are essential when administering an Acupuncture treatment.  The more clear and calm the mind is and the healthier and less blocked the body is, the more effective Acupuncture and other types of hands-on energy therapy will be.  


Any type of hands-on modality can qualify as healing energy therapy, if practiced with an unbiased attitude and positive intention.  So, the above magnetic principles also apply for Massage, Chiropractic, Reiki, and even therapeutic exercises, such as Strong Posture instruction.  Disciplines such as Hatha Yoga, which stretches and holds the body in a peaceful manner, gradually allowing Prana to move through the body’s energetic channels, and Qi Gong, which uses the mind to direct Qi constructively in the body and mind, also utilize the principles of polarity and magnetism.  Prana and Qi are names for basically the same thing, energy flow and life force discovered, amplified and refined over many centuries.  


Many readers of this blog understand the ideas of polarity and magnetism.  For those who have not actually experienced polarity and magnetism, the following simple exercise may be helpful.  Stand with spine straight, or sit with spine straight and feet on the ground.  Take some relaxed, deep breaths.  Quiet the mind.  Then rub the palms together, first slowly, then rapidly, with a light pressure.  Do this for at least ten to fifteen seconds, up to one minute.  Stop and then hold the palms facing each other, six to twelve inches apart.  Feel the tingle?  As the palms move closer together, most people feel stronger tingling, and at some point, especially when they cup their palms a little, they may feel like they are holding a ball of energy.  Usually, at some point, it may feel like it takes a little more effort to move the palms closer together.  That is the optimal distance for the right and left polarities to create the most powerful effect, both in healing practice and in establishing balance within the individual.  You may even feel a slight, comfortable expansion and contraction within the body.  And when the tongue is touched to the roof of the mouth, that same comfortable expansion/contraction may be perceptible inside the mouth.  


This comfortable expansion/contraction could be regarded as balance, and even as a type of inner peace, transient, but present none the less.  You might choose to feel for this centered feeling at various times during the day.  Since part of this feeling includes a quiet mind, this exercise may eventually support feelings of groundedness and peace.  And sometimes, these feelings may encourage the letting go of some attitudes that may have caused problems, such as hostility when people don’t embrace our politics, food choices, religion or artistic preferences.  That may be a tiny step to more harmony and peace within ourselves and with others.  In the current world, even a tiny bit more peace and harmony is important.


This blog’s offer:  contact me if you want more information regarding this exercise or if you want to experience how Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Qi Gong and other healing arts can make this Holiday Season more peaceful and healthful for you and those close to you.  



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