Sunday, October 29, 2023

                             Blog #140 You Can Benefit from Hypnosis


One three day weekend in October 2023 I attended the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, held in the Chicago area.  As always, there was a wealth of classes, presentations, and inductions from which to choose.  Since people are lightly hypnotized or experiencing self-hypnosis in many situations, the subject matter is potentially almost infinite.  I will share information about some of the lectures/classes offered this year.  You might be surprised, and might even wonder, gee, when are we NOT in at least a mild trance state?


There was a class on music and relaxation, using music to help with sleep, stress management, and physical relaxation.  Since volume, rhythm, pace, key, and more affect us consciously and subconsciously, and impact various body systems, endocrine glands, and energy centers, music, when skillfully used, can be extremely beneficial on many levels.  Chimes, chanting, and soft classical music were used in this session.  In the past, I have mentioned Karen Lum, who uses Tibetan Bowls, bells and other musical instruments for relaxation and healing very effectively.  I continue to recommend sessions with her to anyone who might be interested.  Email or call me for her contact information.  You can also find Karen, who is also a Yoga teacher, on the internet. 


A class on effective techniques and inductions to enhance sleep depth and restfulness was quite interesting.  Doing the right induction, along with common-sense life activities, such as consuming only a light dinner, several hours prior to bedtime, avoiding alcohol later on in the day, taking a hot bath, maybe with candlelight and soft music, imagining yourself in a pleasant, relaxing location, inspirational reading, giving thanks for all the day’s blessings (yes, we almost always have some blessings for which we can give thanks), special breathing exercises, and more can help us into a space of sound and restful sleep. 


One hypnotist, who, for decades has specialized in empowering people with cancer or other serious illness, to improve their quality of life and to often live far past the prognoses offered by their oncologists, discussed professionalism, organization, attitude and skill in helping people help themselves.  Up until 2020, this hypnotist worked with several hospitals, giving people sessions of positive hypnosis as well as instruction in self-hypnosis.  Combining support of physical, emotional and mental health was a winning combination for many people.  He also still works in his own world class practice.  I was fortunate to have him as one of my educators when I was first getting educated and certified in hypnosis.  


At the convention, another hypnotist used play and playful attitudes to help people relax, feel more confident, and enhance physical immunity and creative imagination.  Many people have lost the ability to just be playful and have a good time.  Playing with pets, traveling to new places, hiking in the woods, swimming in clear waters, participating in our children’s games, and even imagining playful scenarios can all support us on many levels.  And the more we cultivate joy and happiness, and the more we give them away, the more we will experience those qualities in our own lives.


Yet another hypnotist shared a ritual, which is meaningful to her and has meaning in at least several cultures.  Repetition of phrases, behaviors, artistic endeavors are all ritualistic, as are sacred ceremonies, such as Catholic Mass, Jewish Seder, Islamic Call to Prayer, Buddhist Meditation and Chanting, Native American Vision Quest, and Hindu Yoga practices, to name just a few.  Several of us had the opportunity to share a modern version of the ancient Mayan Cacao Ceremony, involving calming the body and mind with drumming and incense, drinking specially cultivated and blessed cacao, taking time to be meditative and receptive to positive connection with the Universe, and closing by giving thanks.  


There were many other workshops, all excellent.  Maybe I have stirred up some curiosity about hypnosis and self-hypnosis, or at least about that Convention.  I feel blessed to have been educated by excellent teachers for my Hypnosis Certification, and to have had many years’ experience of helping myself and others.  


This blog’s offer:  contact me if you are interested in learning more about hypnosis and self-hypnosis, or if you are ready to use these methods and skills to further improve your life, including in your health.

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