Monday, June 28, 2021

                           Blog 112 Maintain Your Connection to Earth


Big agriculture, big industry, big business, big pharma, big tech, big military, big media, big billionaires (they’re all big), and other big powerful groups in the world are all rapidly and effectively weakening human connections with the earth.  Air grows more polluted, water becomes more contaminated, soil loses its capacity to support food growth, produce is increasingly poisoned, electromagnetic radiation from computers and other devices overloads and confuses human nervous systems (to say nothing of the damage it likely does to plants and non-human animals), radiation levels continue to be hazardous in some locations, microorganisms and bioweapons abound, progressively severe climate changes occur, and violence escalates in many areas of the world, especially in cities. 


Did you know that Lyme disease may have been a bioweapon?  Or maybe it just originated naturally.  Either way, cases are rapidly rising due to warming temperatures associated with climate change.  Estimates are that one in ten people will be infected with this very difficult to treat microorganism by 2050.    Did you know that much of conventional healthcare has become a big business which most values income and influence derived from newly developed pharmaceuticals and diagnostics?  Did you know that many times in world history, humans have been regarded and treated as subjects for scientific experimentation?  How do they respond to GMO foods?  How do they respond to new, possibly hazardous drugs?  How do they respond to multiple, powerful vaccines?  How do they respond to fake meats?  To massive quantities of pesticides?  To loud sound pollution?  To excessive stress?  To a sedentary lifestyle, seated in front of a computer and TV?  


I could go on, but enough is enough.  I am learning to face these issues, yet to live with as much integrity as I can, working toward good health, inner peace, and happiness for myself, and hopefully, for others also.  Progressively, I am minimizing my support of various predatory groups mentioned earlier in this blog.  As just a few examples or ideas, many small businesses are struggling, so I try to buy from them as much as possible, instead from big businesses.  Local farmers, especially organic and biodynamic farms, need and deserve support, in contrast with commercial farmers who spray crops with round-up, grow GMO food, and raise animals in crowded, barbaric settings, so I shop at Farmers Markets for a majority of my food.  Public transportation or other, low-polluting modes of transport are kinder to the environment, compared with vehicles than run on petroleum-based fuels, so I try to travel to more places near my home, and to walk or take public transportation when I can.  Watching, reading, and listening to smaller, innovative media and platforms instead of conventional information sources helps broaden horizons and build a deeper understanding of the world - there are so many unique sources of information out there, I find these a joy to discover and learn from.  


Finally, finding something to be grateful for each day, and doing something kind, beautiful, generous, or generally positive will help counteract some of the predatory violence surrounding us and can also be a source of inspiration.   


This month’s offer: contact me for specific ideas about positive things to do or sources to explore if you feel unsure about where to begin or if you want further information.

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