Thursday, May 25, 2017

        Blog#63 Working With the Energy Field for a Better Life

During 37 years in practice, the type of diagnostics with which I have been most impressed is Applied Kinesiology, an energetic approach using muscle testing.  Although muscle testing can be intuitive, it also is based on scientific principles.  Several major universities in the U.S. now offer master’s programs in Applied Kinesiology, which is a central diagnostic tool in Functional Medicine, a relatively new, increasingly popular holistic approach used by a variety of health care providers in the U.S, Europe, and Asia.  Of course, lab work, x-rays, MRI imaging and other forms of conventional diagnostic tools remain valuable guides to help improve health.

This blog will introduce the use of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  It can take several years of regular practice to master the use of this tool.  AK can be extremely complex; much research and experimentation may be necessary to develop an effective system for assessing specific health issues.  Since this is a simple and short monthly blog, and not a book, I will present some basic AK principles and also a simple muscle test that you can practice. 

When we are exposed to thoughts, chemicals, invisible energies, such as radiation, or to various climates or habitats, we may respond by becoming stronger or weaker.  Regarding chemical elements, anything can be toxic in large enough quantities, but even in tiny amounts, arsenic can be harmful, while many of us need more potassium in our diets and would often benefit from consuming foods which contain it, such as bananas or white potatoes.  Negative versus positive thoughts affect us differently (try lifting weights while thinking “yes” and then lifting the same weights while thinking “no”), as do moderate versus extreme temperatures.  Asian Medicine deals with invisible energies, such as Wei Qi (protective energy of a strong immune system) and external wind (it often enters through the back of the neck and frequently makes one ill).  Another invisible energy is radiation, which can be in the form of sound waves, light waves, heat waves, and also can be the potentially disruptive energies emitted by power lines, computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, refrigerators, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and other electronic appliances. 

One simple way to learn how invisible energies affect us is by using Applied Kinesiology.  It is best to work with this method when well rested, calm and centered, hydrated, and otherwise in balance (ie, make sure you don’t have to use the bathroom and have not had your consciousness altered by alcohol or recreational drugs). When you are first learning, it is best to be alone or with someone who is supportive of what you are doing with AK.  

Now, keeping your spine straight, if at all possible (you can be seated, standing, or lying supine) touch your thumb and fifth fingertip together.  If you are right-handed, it is usually best to use your left hand, and if you are left-handed, use your right.  Think first of something that is absolutely true, there’s no way it can be false, and test the strength of the contact.  Then think of something that is absolutely false, there is no way it can be true, and test for that.  You test the strength by placing the thumb and index fingers of one hand inside the circle made by thumb and fifth finger of the other hand.  Resist as hard as you can while trying to separate the circle with the thumb and index finger.  Do you feel a difference with the true vs false thoughts?  It may take practice.  You could move on to placing various foods underneath your tongue (to begin with, start only with foods that taste reasonably good).  Eventually, you might want to try using AK to ascertain how you respond to electronic appliances, computers, or cell phones. 

As time goes on and you gain more skill, you may learn things that make you want to improve your diet, think more positively, or keep your cell phone turned off most of the time.  Enjoy!

This month’s offer:  If you want me to help you assess your sensitivity to certain supplements, foods, or other things, contact me and I will do so for a small fee.  Also, if you would like to reduce the harmful effects that electromagnetic fields may have on you and your loved ones (children may be especially vulnerable), then call me and I will give you some suggestions free of charge. 

NOTE:  As of June 3rd, my new office address will be: 

6033 North Sheridan Road, CW04S-05, Chicago, IL 60660.  It is located at the southeast corner of Sheridan Road and Glen Lake.  I expect the phone number will remain the same.

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