Friday, March 28, 2014

    Blog #25: Flower Essences that Help With Spring Detox

Just as herbs, diet, exercise, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, short juice fasts, meditation, deep breathing, and time spent in nature can help us detoxify, so can flower essences.  Almost any flower essence can be helpful in detoxification, as long as the essence is appropriate at that particular time.  When stress, fear, pain, or confusion are minimized, the body is more easily detoxified and can more easily return to balance.  Ten of the essences that can be helpful in detoxification are:
1. Crab Apple:  Can help when a person feels contaminated and is overly concerned about being clean.  Feelings of contamination in these cases are sometimes rooted in exposure to toxic chemicals and their subsequent effect on the skin.  Rashes, which often arise due to toxic chemical exposure combined with stress, sometimes respond well to a combination of crab apple and pine flower essences.  This combination of essences also can be helpful for those who feel unclean due to guilt about past behavior, such as taking lives in wartime, or violence and abuse in the home. This essence and others, such as Star of Bethlehem, can help with detoxification after chemotherapy.                                          
 2. Iris:  Can support a person during a spring cleanse by helping them let go of outmoded possessions and beliefs and open to new experiences and creativity.                                                                                                                         3. Cayenne:  Can provide a spark of energy and motivation to change and move.  This energy can help a person stay on the detox program.  It also can help a reserved or somewhat depressed person express anger in a clear, constructive manner.                    
4. Hornbeam:  May help those who are exhausted, drained, or overwhelmed by life.  It can assist in the recovery of people who have endured long illness.  Hornbeam is usually most effective when combined with other essences, such as olive, for total exhaustion, gentian, for distrust and pessimism, or white chestnut, for unwanted thoughts and insomnia.                                                      
 5. Arnica:  Can help people detoxify and heal more rapidly after trauma, such as an automobile accident or a fall.  Helps sooth swelling, bruises, strains and sprains of the physical body and psyche.                                             6. Willow:  Can be extremely powerful for transforming bitterness, resentment, anger and hatred towards people or situations associated with a person’s disappointment or illness. It can also transform a negative outlook towards life in general.  It can be helpful to people undergoing chemotherapy, helping them detox more effectively during and after treatment, and helping them have a more positive and optimistic attitude in the face of challenges.
7. Dagger Hakea:  Can help resolve issues of resentment and bitterness towards loved ones and find the power to forgive.  Can help restore balance to body and mind and bring tranquility to the emotions.
8. Yarrow: Can help to detoxify the body after radiotherapy, as well as protect sensitive people from toxic elements in the environment and problematic people with whom they come into contact.                                                                                                      
9. Holly: Can help ease the subconsciously envious, angry feelings towards people or situations.                                                     
10. Stinging Nettle:  Can assist with the stress and the grief from separation, divorce, feelings of resentment, anger and hatred towards people or situations associated with a person’s disappointment or affliction. The essence can help alleviate tensions associated with feelings of being a victim, and of being unjustly treated.

This blog’s offer: Contact me to find the best essence to help support you during a spring detox, and I will find and essence for among the six excellent sets in my office.

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