Tuesday, January 8, 2013

                                       Blog# 11: Popular Uses of Hypnosis
     Hypnosis may be best known as an excellent way to help people lose weight and stop smoking.  Just as important for success is a deep commitment to a goal and to oneself.  When people ask to set up an appointment to stop smoking, I say something like this:  hypnosis will not make you stop smoking, nor will it make you want to stop smoking.  When you have decided to stop smoking, and you actually stop smoking, it will help you reduce stress and increase your mental discipline and focus.  In this way, it will make it easier for you to stay free from cigarettes.  After I say this, half decide they are not ready.  Of those who receive help from me and follow through with up to three sessions, approximately 50 per cent are successful for several years or more.  The few that relapse usually find it easier to quit smoking the second time around.
     Similarly, people must be committed to the goal of weight loss.  Success will require planning, discipline, and hard work.  When people ask about hypnosis for this, I say:  hypnosis will not cause you to lose weight, nor will it make you want to do so.  It will help you discipline yourself and manage stress arising from lifestyle changes you maintain in order to succeed.  About half decide to wait.  Of those who come for help, about 50 per cent release excess weight and then maintain their desired weight for several years or more.  In order to succeed over the long term, people usually need to incorporate a food diary, regular exercise, and calorie restriction into their daily lives. 
     Here are some questions which can help determine the level of commitment to overcoming a cigarette habit:  do I want to stop smoking primarily because others are asking me to do so?  Do I love my cigarettes?  Am I panicked without them?  Am I deeply concerned about protecting my health?  Am I starting to find nicotine stains and odor unpleasant?
     Asking questions like these may help determine the level of commitment to the release of excess weight:  do I want to lose weight primarily because of what others may think of me?  Do I enjoy eating more than I would enjoy feeling lighter and more energetic?  Am I deeply concerned about improving my health?  Do I find my excess fat and the discomforts that accompany it increasingly unpleasant?
     Of course, hypnosis can be used to help achieve and maintain many other goals as well, such as a strengthened immune system, enhanced creativity, confidence in public speaking, recalling past experiences more clearly, and much more.
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