Sunday, November 25, 2012

                        Blog # 9 Hypnosis and Meditation: What’s the Difference?
     There are many similarities between the two.  Here’s the main difference:  in meditation, a mantra, color, image, feeling, or energy pattern is focused on in order to eventually free the mind from all distraction and allow the meditator to enter into the present moment and/or connect with divinity.  In self-hypnosis, the conscious, thinking mind connects with the intuitive, subconscious mind and gives directions and suggestions via words, music, color scent, taste, touch, imagery, and more, in order to achieve something specific in one’s life.  Both can use the same state of mind, the place between waking and sleeping, to benefit the individual. 
     The state of mind between waking and sleeping can be reached and utilized at least twice a day, when falling asleep and when waking up.  Early in the morning and late at night are good times for meditation, and are times when one can easily use self-hypnosis without specific inductions.  It is very important to have positive expectations and a loving, respectful attitude toward oneself and others when giving suggestions.  If there are conflicted attitudes about a particular goal or toward oneself, then it would be best to obtain the help of a professional hypnotist, at least initially. 
   The previous blog discussed how to use words to speak effectively and positively to the subconscious mind.  To make words even more effective, they can be paired with a favorite imagined color, fragrance, taste, sound, or texture.  One of my favorites, rose, can encompass color, fragrance, texture, and possibly even taste and sound. 
     A simple, but effective meditation can help make the mind more calm and positive just prior to self-hypnosis.  My personal favorite involves smiling inward with the eyes while also letting a half-smile happen on the mouth.  The smiles are not forced – they feel natural and comfortable.  Let the eyes close, and breathe peacefully three times, then open the eyes.  That’s it.  The more often this is done, the more effective this meditation will be.  It can be done seated, standing or lying down, with the spine straight. 
     This blog’s offer:  bring in one other person for a hypnosis session and/or self-hypnosis instruction and I will work with both of you for the price I usually charge for just one person.  Self-hypnosis is best covered in three sessions but can be covered in less.  Goals such as stress management and improving sleep are topics that can usually be covered effectively in groups or individually.  Please share this blog with others.  You can contact me at (773) 274-6827, or at  

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